Applications of the Cost-Benefit Analysis for the for the Impact evaluation of Rapid Rail Investments and Urban Development in Plurel Regions

Ustaoğlu E., Williams B.

EC Framework 6 PLUREL Project, pp.76, Kobenhavn, 2011

  • Publication Type: Expert Report / Expert Report
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • City: Kobenhavn
  • Abdullah Gül University Affiliated: Yes


The current report has been prepared in the framework of PLUREL Work Package 2.4: Spatial Development Strategies and Scenarios (Planning Policy Options).


The objective of this Work Package (WP) is to develop scenarios as an input to the stakeholder-based scenario workshops undertaken in WP3.4. In line with this purpose, development scenarios for urban-rural region types have been determined by generic urban-rural region typologies in WP2.1 which assist in developing urban-rural region dynamics scenarios considering the existing and emerging driving forces for change and development in these regions. 


Along with the generic CBA methodology for the evaluation of the case study scenarios developed in M2.4.8, this report will provide examples of the CBA applications for the impact evaluation of rapid rail investments and urban development as part of the objectives of the WP2.4. In this regard, CBA is undertaken for the evaluation of various land development scenarios carried out for the Greater Dublin Area in the first part. This will provide insights for the CBA applications regarding the evaluations of fast rail investments within a scenario analysis framework in the Leipzig Region. In the second part, a methodological framework is constructed for the Leipzig Region based on the CBA example carried out for the Dublin Area.