Redevelopment of squatting housing in Turkey in the case of Altındağ, Ankara

Akyüz S.

Journal of Design for Resilience in Architecture and Planning, vol.2, no.3, pp.352-365, 2021 (AHCI)


The focus of this paper is the redevelopment of the squatter settlements in Ankara Turkey.  Most of the articles focus on gentrification and changing neighbourhood social structures but the redevelopment of the squatter settlements also aims the production of formal low-income housing as well as the integration of previous non-formal housing into formal urban space. Therefore, this article suggests that the contemporary redevelopment project of squatters in Ankara, Turkey is a part of a broader strategy of integrating low-income into the formal housing system by cooperating with a part of low-income groups. The research was made in Altındağ, Ankara by using a deep semi-structured interview, and document analyses method. The researcher conducted 25 interviews with residents and 2 interviews with officials.