Effect of different reductants on the dissolution of manganese from manganiferous iron ore

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Top S., Altıner M., Kurşunoğlu S.

MADENCILIK MADEN MUHENDISLERI ODASI DERGISI, vol.61, no.2, pp.83-92, 2022 (Scopus)


In this paper, the manganese extraction from a manganiferous iron ore was investigated using reductive leaching. Various chemicals were used as a reducing agent to leach manganese selectively from the ore in the presence of sulfuric acid (H2 SO4 ) solution. Firstly, optimum dissolution values were determined for selective manganese dissolution without using a reducing agent. As it was aimed at the selective extraction of manganese from the ore, the reductive leaching tests were conducted by adding the reducing agents under the following optimal parameters: a leaching time of 1 h, a stirring speed of 300 rpm, a temperature of 70 °C, a sulfuric acid concentration of 1 M where the ore was leached with an extraction ratio of 11.54% Mn and 2.16% Fe. Manganese was dissolved with high efficiencies (up to 97.46%) from the ore by using different organic compounds (tartaric acid (C4 H6 O6 ), oxalic acid (C2 H2 O4 ), citric acid (C6 H8 O7 ), glucose (C6 H12O6 ), sucrose (C12H22O11), and maleic acid (C4 H4 O4 )) as the reducing agents.